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THUG PRO - Download
XanaxDate: Saturday, 28.02.2015, 0:01 AM | Message # 1
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Community Contenthttps://thug2-modding.3dn.ru/forum/17-621-1
Contact/Bug reports/Feedbackthugprocontact@gmail.com

Setup Instructions

!notice: You need to have Tony Hawk's Underground 2 installed to play this mod.

The setup will ask for your THUG 2 folder, then download the release, and ask to import saves and create desktop shortcuts. We recommend letting it do both. New releases will automatically download and update when you launch the game.

For THUG Pro, we recommend a fresh full install of THUG 2, and making a new create a skater file. However, if you have issues loading your cas file, send us a bug report with the file attached. If you have issues loading the game let us know, but the first thing we will ask is if you have tried a fresh installation of THUG 2 to use THUG Pro with.

THUG Pro installs into a new location separate from THUG 2, to support updating:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\THUG Pro

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data

Please email us after you have had a successful installation or if you have any problems with the installation flow, and your initial thoughts on the release. We love feedback :)

Read Carefully

Please inform us of any bugs, crashes, or inconsistencies that you notice with the release.
To report, send us an email at thugprocontact@gmail.com with “bug report” in the subject of the email. Please try your best to come up with clear instructions for reproducing the bug, otherwise we won’t be able to act upon it easily. If it is a bug in a multiplayer game mode or otherwise only happening with multiple players, please coordinate with other beta users to come up with reproduction instructions. If it is a graphical bug or if a screenshot would help communicate the problem, attach them in the email. Also inform us if you have any antivirus warnings.

Feature requests / suggestions should have “feature request” or “suggestion” in the subject. Please do not combine feature requests and bug reports in the same emails. New decks, griptapes, sprays, and stickers will likely not be added as we intend to support players using their own without them being in the mod itself in the future. If you are requesting THPS levels we haven’t already added, please order your list of levels by importance to you.

The THUGPRO developers request you do not upload any footage or screenshots of the beta because of its current work-in-progress state. We do allow streaming of gameplay footage on websites such as twitch.tv, or video/screenshots sent in discussion of; set up, troubleshooting and bug reports. If you still wish to record gameplay video, we ask you to please email us with your intent first.
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