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Anteara Mod v.1.3
XanaxDate: Sunday, 27.01.2013, 7:02 PM | Message # 1
Mastered in modding
Group: Administrator
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-Ammo Menu
–On/Off Menu
-Edit tricks whilst in a game
-Observe Menu
-Custom restart Menu (type /set or /goto)
-Debug Menu
-Theme Menu
-Animation Menu (TONS of Animations!)
-Models Menu (TONS of Models!)
-Airshuffle On/Off
-Luge Mode On/Off
-Time of Day Menu
–THAW Style Spraycan, this means you can’t screw up your combo by using the spraycan
-chat commands
-/help command for help with chat commands
-Spawn models from special tricks
-Drive Cars Online
-Cars are broadcasted online, this means others will see you driving your car and you can see their car.
-Play CTF with cars!
-Play KOTH with cars!
-Vehicles from story mode (tricycle, etc)
-Pause menu has rotating skateboard similar to THUG1
-Anteara Menu has a rotating cone similar to the pause menu
-Chat text colour menu, change your text colour online
-Body Part Menu (Add or remove body parts)
-Screen Menu (Select aspect ratio, Widescreen or standard)
-Screen Menu is SAVEABLE, What that means is that, if you select widescreen, you can keep it as widescreen PERMANENTLY simply by saving your online preferences.
-Create 3d text in the world
-Moving menu (Allows skater to move pos in world, similar to noclip, less precise)
-Mallet, Pencil, Coat, etc, selectable in CAS mode. Able to customize your cas (clientside)(Located in Deck graphic area).
-Dropdown on Alt. Get off board (1 button dropdown)
-Custom Create a Goal Missions. For example, you can create a race goal in create a goal, change the vehicle for the race, such as a rallycar, and have everyone in the server enter a rallycar for the race.
-Spinout, similar the THE MOD 1.3
-To Rail Spin, similar to THE MOD 1.3
-4 Observer Slots

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