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thug mod (new version)
XanaxDate: Friday, 02.06.2017, 4:36 AM | Message # 1
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Group: Administrator
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Download - thug2-modding.3dn.ru/thug_mod_1.2.rar

You can see in the menu:
Custom Restart
Server Status - Visible when you are a host
Debug Options - Completely remade menu
Screen Setup
Vehicle Menu
No-Clip Mode
Time Of Day - Completely remade menu
Taunt Menu - Visible only online
Observing - Visible only online
Fly Mode

Command List:
/set - Set Custom Restart
/goto - Goto Custom Restart
/obs - Start Observing
/qbs - Quit Observing
/game - Start Game - Command visible only host
/end - End Game - Command visible only host (works only when the game is running)
/nc- No-Clip Mode
/tod - Time Of Day - Completely remade menu
/clear - Clear Chat
/help - Commands List

No-Clip Mode Controls:
Nollie - Move Up
Switch - Move Down
Flip - Rotate Left
Grab - Rotate Right
Forward - Move Forward
Backward - Move Backward
Turn Left - Move Left
Turn Right - Move Right
Ollie - Exit No-Clip Mode

Fly-Mode Controls:
Switch - Jump
Grind - Move Forward
Ollie - Move Backward
Flip - Move Left
Grab - Move Right
Nollie - Exit Fly Mode

Returned the lost Levels:
School, Philadelphia, Downhill Jam

The rest of:
Replaced ` to \ - for the color in the chat.
Added endless time in the game.
During the game you can restart another game.
Some cars in the vehicle menu appear on the maps of Vancouver, San Diego, Hotter Than Hell.
New color - you can make a light cas too light or too dark.
New scaling - you can increase to huge sizes, also reduce to invisibility.
Added pre-made skaters - none, more peds, proskaters and secret caracters.
Remade debug options and fixed debug, test, cheats menu.
Added cheats to the advanced options in online and interface themes online in game options.
Remade menus - pause, parked test play, options and added your options (thug2 style).
Launched without daemon tools.



Download - www.mediafire.com/file/74u020g8n3ghft5/THUG_Mod_1.4.rar

You can see in the new version:
Added support Windows XP.
Added air shuffle from THUG PRO (off/on menu).
Added no bounds and buttslap counter (off/on menu).
Removed ws.pre (this file is not relevant).
Removed startup intro and screen setup.
Fixed help menu and other commands.
Fixed mod menus (no highlight bar).

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