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THPS-Modding » Tony Hawk's Underground 2 » Download Mods » Cap mods (stacking)
Cap mods (stacking)
KennyDate: Sunday, 11.08.2013, 2:59 PM | Message # 1
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THUG2 Cap stack modifications
author: Zmathue
web: http://www.thmods.com

If there are any errors please check to make sure that the THUG2.exe is a no-cd version.
This will apply the following patches to the THUG2 executable.

Allows objects to be placed in the same location as others (merge).
Allows tall objects to be placed higher than normally allowed.
Allows infinite restarts to be placed.
Allows the ground to be changed without moving pieces (stacking).
Allows the player to skate under floating objects/underground.

Sorry for the bad video quality

Known Bugs:
if you have an object and it is inside the ground and you try to lower the ground in it the object may be deleted. To avoid this you can lower the ground with the selection tool


Discord THPS Russia https://discord.gg/MPSAkKCnNu

THPS-Modding » Tony Hawk's Underground 2 » Download Mods » Cap mods (stacking)
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